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:: Monday, December 09, 2002 ::

The Damage Well late last night my hair finally started to dry. Just as a reference point, my natural hair includes this range of shades: , , , with the roots being a shade similar to . You can imagine the havoc that all of these colors can cause when I’m trying to go for a fairly uniform shade. Now factor in that the bottom 16 inches of my hair was a mix of and , and you just add lots of fun. I picked for my current shade. As you can imagine, my roots are flaming red, while the rest is a mix of much more subdued colors. This means I am literally shampooing my hair 2-3 times a day trying to get it to fade at the roots. In about 4 days I can quit the routine, and it will actually look quite natural.

Now the question of the day: Why? Since I don’t have the answer, suggestions will gladly be accepted in the comments or through email. (biitchgirls at hotmail.com)

Mindless post? Yes. As we get closer to the final days of the semester, there's no telling what our posts will include. We may something incredibly profound. Or we may talk about hair color.

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