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:: Saturday, December 28, 2002 ::

Day Off, BBQ, and REAL Food I started to take one today. I went shopping and to see a movie with Bitchy Mom. Then we went by the gun shop (it was closed) and the liquor store together. This can't be normal bonding.

So, Instapundit found a way to attract even more email than he had before. Armed Liberal is weighing in on the bbq debate as well. I'm not too picky about my bbq, but I recommend Jake's Rib if you ever find yourself in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Now if you want to get your hands on some good food, I suggest you seek your nearest Bill's Fish House and get your hands on some catfish. Unforunately, unless you live in Waurika, Tuttle, or Lone Grove, Oklahoma, this will be a bit of a drive for you. It is worth it. I know people that drive 3 hours one way to go eat at the original Bill's. While you probably won't be eating there, you can certainly read it about it here. (The scary thing is that my hometown is so small, I knew every one of the people mentioned in the article.)

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