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:: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 ::

Good News... I think Right now I'm printing a 70 page article of some sort for my research paper (should I be alarmed that the author is only identified by the name "Silas"?). I love it that the best sources I have been able to find have all been on the web, when my professor asked that we have at least 5 print sources. This should prove interesting. While waiting for this to all print out I thought I might have a little drink, you know, help me sleep tonight (I've been having some trouble with the whole sleep thing for about a year now). Well, I finally finished a bottle of rum I bought like two months ago. Granted it took nearly a liter of pop to actually make the small amount left palatable, but it's gone... no more 151!!! Although I don't think I'll be seeing my bed soon... the sound of a printer is not exactly the most soothing sound in the world. Now that I'm waiting on all of this to finsih prinitng, I've been surfing a little bit, and I found the most perfect lighter ever (yes, I have the very bad habit of smoking, I prefer cigars, but a cigarette will do for me in a pinch). It's this Zippo in a gorgeous rose gold color. I have to get it. Oh I also talked to my mother, apparently my sister-in-law could go into labor at any time, she's already 3cm dilated. Hopefully I will be getting a telephone call soon telling me that I have a niece. One more thing to look forward to.

NOTE: Looking at this post makes me realize how random I am.

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