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:: Monday, December 30, 2002 ::

Good Technology, Bad Politicians
New Mexico, joining at least 11 other states, will use technology that requires repeat drunk-drivers to be tested for intoxication each time they try to start their cars. A driver must blow into the so-called ignition interlock device, which then determines the presence of alcohol and won't let the car start if the driver is drunk.
"When you're an alcoholic and recovering, you get the urge to drink just on the spur of the moment," said New Mexico state Sen. Phil Griego, a recovering alcoholic who has been sober since his second arrest for drunken driving. "This little instrument helped me maintain my sobriety."
The technology is pretty cool, and great for people that want to use it. The politician is bad for his "I made a mistake and you will all pay for it" attitude. I'm curious about party affiliation, but for now I'm off to dinner.

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