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:: Thursday, December 05, 2002 ::

He has a point. Going back to the diamond discussion, who can argue with this?
Once the lovely, kind, gracious, brilliant, angelically compassionate and devilishly sexy PejmanWife is finally found, identified, wooed and won, I intend to propose with a ring that is made up of emeralds, or sapphires, or rubies--gems that are truly rare, and would truly be considered valuable in a free and open market. I would explain to her that just as the jewels themselves are rare and precious, so to is she. I am convinced that this combination of romantic sweet talk and hardheaded economic realism and free-market adherence--as opposed to the traditional diamond-purchasing, cartel-supporting approach--will cause the future PejmanWife to be dazzled and moved enough to weep copious tears of joy, bask and revel in my undying and endless love, and give me nookie the likes of which would either leave me giggling happily for a week, or kill me with a smile on my face.
Sweet talk and economic realism, what a combination.

UPDATE: I should also refer you to the post and comments over at Asymmectrical Information. Quite amusing.

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