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:: Friday, December 06, 2002 ::

I Hate Religious Holidays Ok, so not really, but they can be pretty damn annoying. Like today, it was the last day to register for academic J-term classes, well I want to take this one class and I needed to have my advisor sign the registration form, no problem right? Just go to his office hours, get his sginature, it's all good. Wrong. For the first few days of the week I was either feeling an illness coming on and in much pain because of that, or actually ill. So needless to say I missed the first two days I could have seen my advisor. Well, seeing as today he normally has office hours, I thought good, I can still get this in and take the class. Then as I'm walking to his office I realize that today is Eid-Fitr. The problem here? My advisor is the Arabic professor here at my wonderful school, and he is a muslim. In the past he's always cancelled classes for the Eids, so since Arabic is the only thing he teaches here, and he lives 45 minutes away, and hates the snow and cold, being from Iraq and all, he doesn't normally come to campus when he cancells classes. So here I am without an advisor to sign my registration. What do I do? Go directly to the Dean of Juniors office as soon as I get out of my very last science lab ever (wooohoooo). There I sit and wait about 45 minutes just to get her signature so I can actually register for this class. And that ladies and gentlemen is why I hate religious holidays (or more acruately find them really annoying).

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