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:: Sunday, December 29, 2002 ::

No Kidding! Here's a cute little Reuters story based entirely off six sentences from Julianne Moore. Why was this story written? They want to make the woman out to be a lesbian, or even better, bisexual so that she'll still have sex with men, just because she said that women don't smell as bad as men when she has to do an onscreen kiss. I once had a conversation with a male friend of mine on this subject, and it was completely onesided because we both agree that women must be better to kiss than men. He's the only one with real experience here, but still, the facts are out on the table. Women are softer, we don't have any scratchy facial hair to get in the way, and we pay more attention to the other person involved. Seriously, what's not to like here? I may be attracted to men, and I do enjoy kissing them, but I can appreciate the fact that men and women who enjoy kissing women have it pretty good. Now, go have fun with those sentences Reuters.

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