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:: Sunday, December 01, 2002 ::

Oh, what a world! What a world! Earlier this evening I was searching for some mindless entertainment before starting a paper. Where did I find it? MTV, of course. They have a show called True Life which picks a theme for the show (“I’m a Porn Star,” “I’m Gay,” “I’m a Drug Addict”), selects people that fall into the category and follows them around for a while. Then they edit everything together into a hodgepodge that they call a show. Tonight’s episode was “I’m Getting Married.” If the people they featured are the future of the country, we’re doomed.

Couple One: One chick said on camera, “His money didn’t really matter that much.” If you say it, it obviously does matter. Of course the next clip they showed had her talking about quitting her job because planning a wedding is just such hard work. What work is she talking about? They showed her getting a massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, you name it. This was all just for her “work” of preparing for the wedding. They skipped over most of her preparations on the day of the event. Of course, they also edited out most of the wedding. The guy actually seemed reasonably normal and even nice. Before she moved into his life (not his house, she wanted him to build a new one for her), he used the area meant for a dining room as an indoor basketball court. That would actually be pretty damn cool if you ask me. But nobody did, so I guess I’ll move on.
Couple Two: Two guys in Ohio want to get married, but they can’t. So they had a commitment ceremony. It was a fairly uneventful story. They had a nice ceremony, both moms showed up. One didn’t want to admit her son was gay on camera, and the other was really great about it all. The guys wanted their names legally changed to reflect something as close to marriage as possible under the law. It was granted. No problems here. This was the most normal couple.
Couple Three: The groom threatened to “cut up” the limo driver after he showed up late. I can understand being upset, but saying you will kill someone is not the way to solve problems productively. Well at least according to normal people. (This guy and this woman may disagree.) The groom also calls his bride “the breast” on camera. When their friends got lost on the way to the rehearsal, they screamed more curses at each other in 3 minutes than the Osbournes do in an entire episode. It disturbs me that these two are reproducing.

Is there any hope?

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