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:: Monday, December 30, 2002 ::

Part Four: Taking On The Chicks Now, let's move on to the advice from chicks that he linked to in his post.
1. Resolve to tell him you love the size, shape, and personality of his member, because there's nothing he can do to change it.
If you don't know this already, get out of the dating pool. Make more room for those of us that are far more valuable and talented than you. I don't need you as competition (granted, you won't be for long if you need this advice) because I've been told and had it confirmed by several sources that the dating pool dries up after graduation. As a straight woman at a women's college, you can imagine why I'm concerned about this.
2. If you say you'll call, then call. And don't wait more than four days to do it. (By the way, if they don't call, chances are they didn't lose your number, and they probably didn't hit their head and end up in the hospital with amnesia either. So just let it go.)
Well the last part is a no brainer.
3. Don't cheat.
Oops. Let's not talk about that. Let's just say that people can change.
4. Educate yourself about STDs, because whatever you think you know, it's not enough. Get tested for STDs regularly. Fess up if you've got one. And don't freak out if a potential partner fesses up to one: More than one in three people in this country will get some kind of STD during their lifetime, so it's not that big a deal. Be grateful that they're probably just more honest and more informed than most of your luvvers.
No kidding. I know plenty of people that are plenty educated on this subject, but have never been tested. I don't think the problem is in admitting it to someone else, but in admitting it to oneself.
5. Just ask them out already. Who cares if they say no? Go for it. We promise, when you're on your deathbed, asking out Sandy from Accounting will not be one of the big regrets of your life.
This post is getting long. I hope that it sparks at least a few interesting comments or emails. I think this one is the killer for us all. It's the most logical step in beginning a possible relationship, but the hardest as well. It's the logical part that I can't even pull off. I have never been able to make the first move. Once again, citing the dating pool bit above, I'm making it a resolution to get over myself and ask someone out if I'm interested this year.

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