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:: Monday, December 30, 2002 ::

Part Three: Playing Nice With Guys, Part Three
5) Here's a little trick for the guys that happened to me accidentally the first time, but worked so well, I occasionally still do it intentionally: spill something. Not on her, or on you, but maybe after a few drinks, you mistakenly tip your beer over on the bar. You both laugh about it, it breaks the ice, and suddenly she's less afraid of doing something dumb -- because you're already one up on her. It puts her at ease. Granted, this little meneuver isn't honest, but 80% of what transpires on first dates isn't honest. Of course, now that I've revealed that trick for all the world to read, I can never use it again.
Umm...okay...a bit strange, but it's cute in a weird sort of way.
6) Ladies -- if the guy you're after is a dog guy, and you aren't much for animals, understand that this will be a major obstacle to an extended romance. If you are a dog person, be enthusiastic the first time you meet the dog. Bring a little treat for the pooch -- and you're golden.
I think this applies to all dog people. I remember when one guy came to pick me up, and he immediately scooped up my little Sobaka to play with him. I wish we still had Sobaka, but sadly, we don't. Anyway, back to the pets. I find cat people aren't nearly as picky about this as dog people, but as a dog person, I think they're all crazy.
7) Ladies, refrain from any and all Sex and the City references for at least the first three dates. Unless your intent is to send him running away screaming. Likewise, we promise not to bring up The Man Show.
But I like The Man Show! In fact, as I type this, I'm watching the Pimps 'N Hos episode. What's not to love about it? Beer, hot guys, dirty jokes... If a woman can't handle all of that then I say she's not worth dating.

My only rule is that a guy has to support my gun habit. I've dated guys that don't, and it just never works out. I need to be with a guy that will allow me to like guns, allow me to go to events to play with guns, and allow me to spend time with people that think I'm normal even though because I like guns.

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