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:: Monday, December 30, 2002 ::

Part Two: Playing Nice With Guys, Part Two
3) Understand that if the guy asked you out, an offer to pay your half on the first date, while polite, is usually taken as a sign that you aren't interested. Going Dutch early screams "platonic." If he asked, and you're interested, let him pay the first time. If you're really feeling guilty (and somehow, I doubt it), say something like "the next date is on me" after he signs the check.
Maybe this is one of those areas where guys and girls differ, but I feel like I should offer to pay my part. Now, am I actually expecting him to pay if he asked me? No doubt. I'll still have enough on me to pay for me, though. I will admit that Radley's bit about offering to pay in the future is good advice. And even if he has little faith in women who might be sincere about it, it's something I would actually follow through on.
4) If a guy asks you out and you have other obligations -- but still want to go out with him -- immediately offer an alternative. Otherwise, he'll assume the excuse is bogus and move on, no matter how legit it actually is.
This kinda says insecurity to me. It's not the fact that she has an obligation that's the sign you shouldn't be involved. If anything, take it as a sign that she won't be annoying and clingy. Give her a bit of time to offer up some new plans though. She may not have anything to propose immediately. Just because she doesn't immediately offer an alternative doesn't mean she's completely blowing you off. If you try again and she doesn't do it soon, then write her off because she's probably too self centered to say she's just not interested or to think about alternatives that could work for you.

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