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:: Monday, December 30, 2002 ::

Playing Nice With Guys I found a bit of dating advice over at The Agitator. This calls for a response from a female perspective.
Damn, would dating be easier if we single folk followed such common-sense parameters. Alas, none of us do. And so the game with no rules lingers on -- in perpetuity.
No kidding. A little logic could solve most of the world's problems. My problem seems to be that I'm too logical. My last ex told me that I was too logical in my approaches to our relationship. Apparently, I'm the only girlfriend he's had that encouraged him to go out drinking with the guys. He even had the nerve to be upset at me when I wasn't angry that some drunken girl came up and kissed him at a bar one night. Stupid boys, always want to imagine the catfight scenario.
1) Never, ever, ever take a cell phone call while on a date. In fact, turn the phone off, or leave it home. It implies that you're holding out for better company. And if you place a call while on a date, or (worse) feel the need to check your messages, it had better be an emergency -- and you should explain as much. Otherwise, be prepared to cease dating the person sitting across from you.
Eh, not a big deal to me. Granted, I would never make a call on a date or take one, but I think I'd like to have it with me in case. Besides, if the date is going horribly, it's a great excuse. If I see a guy with his phone, it's not the absolute end of the world.
2) Remember the car door trick? We fellas' do take cues from such subtleties. If you like the guy, reach over and pop open his door as he's walking around to get in (I'm assuming he's already opened and shut yours for you).
Score for Bitter!

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