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:: Monday, December 09, 2002 ::

Something Slightly More Interesting Than My Hair Color Go read Juan Gato's take on EYPs. Here and here. Now. Go. Need a sample to motivate you?
"Hate Free Zone"? Back in college there was a special day (I think it might have even been Feb. 14th, thinking back) called "Eliminate Hate Day". The way it was promoted, we visualized snipers on all the roofs at the ready to take out anyone seen hating.

And just how the hell does one "invest in peace relationships"? That's nonsensical. I can only assume that means we should go there and hug every last thug and terrorist and not let go until they feel the love, man. Empty phrases in empty heads parading around as a great moral movement.
As we all know, Juan is really great about the hugs and love.

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