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:: Saturday, December 07, 2002 ::

This Is An Apology? So it seems as though Saddam has decided to apologize to Kuwait for invading in 1990. However, to me it sounds like a little kid saying "I'm sorry I pulled your hair, but you were making faces at me, so it's really your fault."
He said that in 1989, he had tried to reach a peaceful settlement of Iraq's dispute with Kuwait, but that the neighboring Gulf country's officials were not interested in negotiating.

At the time, he said, American troops were carrying out maneuvers with Kuwaiti forces, threatening Iraq.

He maintained Iraq was the victim of a conspiracy by Kuwaiti officials who were syphoning off oil along the two countries' borders that actually belonged to Iraq.
Apparently he made clear he was apologizing to the people of Kuwait rather than their leaders, whom he blames for the invasion.
Saddam added that Iraqi officials later found documents showing the United States and Kuwaiti officials had colluded in military plans against Iraq and his country had to defend itself, leading to the invasion of Aug. 2, 1990.
Great apolgy there Saddam!! *cough*bullshit*cough*

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