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:: Thursday, January 02, 2003 ::

Better Late Than Never Out of desperation and being generally upset over something only the Bitches would understand, I visited Michael Moore's website. (First, check your voicemail if you haven't already. Preppy and Spooky, check your email.) Something on his website made me smile so much.
It is Thanksgiving 2002 and it would seem that there is little to give thanks for this year. W. has scored an unbelievable hat trick and is now the first Republican since Eisenhower to control the House, the Senate and the White House. There is no getting around just how damned demoralizing and depressing this is. I wish there was a way to put a better face on what has transpired, but my well of optimism is just about dry. Bush has his "mandate" for war, his "mandate" for global frying, his "mandate" to turn our government into his own private corporation.
Anything that has Moore's "well of optimism...just about dry" makes me happy.

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