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:: Monday, January 06, 2003 ::

Brilliant Idea Of The Day
"The floor is no place for a backpack," Wall said.
That's the result of a study on kids and their backpack injuries.
How much children carry to school and how they carry it has been the focus of some attention. California last year passed a law for standards on maximum textbook weights and some children around the country now use backpacks with wheels to roll -- instead of carry -- their books to school.
Obviously, most of these conversations have been happening since I left school. Maybe it's the old thing again (see post below), but I feel like pulling a "In my day..." speech out. I remember having to bring home all or most of my books, the notebooks, my cello, all my music, and even my music stand. It sucked, but you manage. If kids would carry the backpack the way it's supposed to be carried (something I don't do anymore, but I also don't have a ton of books to haul around all the time), then many of these problems would be solved. Also, according to the article, the damn kids need to stop hitting each other with their backpacks. Now there's a crazy idea to reduce "backpack injuries."

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