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:: Saturday, January 04, 2003 ::

Finally! Maybe I just haven't been following the stories on the July 4 LAX shooting closely, but I honestly think this is the first story I've seen that calls it a terrorist attack.
The family of Yakov Aminov, one of two Israeli nationals killed in the terrorist attack, and others who were injured are seeking more than $17 million.
The complaints allege that the city "failed to provide security at Tom Bradley Terminal, which it owns; no airport police or city security was present to detect or stop this terrorist."
"These were citizens that stopped this terrorist," he said. "Nobody has offered to take care of these people at all."
A federal investigation concluded in September last year that the shooting was a terrorist act carried out alone by Egyptian national Hesham Mohamed Hadayet. (Emphasis is obviously mine.)
It's certainly the first time I've seen the word so frequently in one story on the incident. It's about time.

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