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:: Sunday, January 12, 2003 ::

Reality Bites For These People Look like a fool, and sue the people that actually aired it after you signed a release. Isn't that what everyone does these days?
But some people like Stillman and Wendy Linden, who appeared on the MTV daredevil show Jackass, may beg to differ.
Linden, who participated in a stunt, sued the music network for negligence, battery and intentional emotional distress, claiming she was injured and humiliated during filming.
The suit claims that Linden suffered spine and knee injuries as a result of an incident on the show and that taping continued while she waited backstage for an ambulance. Linden is seeking unspecified damages.
You participated in a show called Jackass. What the hell did you expect?? Oh, but wait, we can't actually expect people to take responsibility for their actions.
Contestants regularly sign a waiver before being on a show, but some say people don't always understand the implications of what they are signing.
"People who are involved in reality programs, while they do sign releases, they believe in their hearts truly, that's it's going to be a fun experience, they're going to win something from it and it's going to be safe," Sandra Baron, executive director of the Media Law Resource Center, told Fox News.
Literacy. It's a good thing. When the paper says they ain't gonna take responsibility, they ain't gonna make you the exception to the rule. (That was almost painful to type.)

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