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:: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 ::

Sucks To Be Them Problem 1:
Troubled Morris Brown College announced it will abridge its 15-week spring semester into seven weeks so students can complete classes before an accreditation appeal hearing.
The new schedule will require students to spend 110 minutes in each class rather than 50 minutes.
I would be on a rampage if my school doubled the workload. Actually, I'd be in class so many hours, I wouldn't have time to schedule a rampage between classes. Besides, if I get my desired schedule, I'll be done with classes on Wednesday by 4 PM next semester.

Problem 2:
Morris Brown President Charles Taylor has said the school will seek accreditation from another source if it loses its appeal.
I've never been involved in seeking accreditation for a college, but I'm assuming it's not the easiest thing in the world.

Problem 3:
Taylor recently estimated the college's debt at $27 million.
Again, sucks to be them.

Problem 4:
Former Morris Brown president Dolores Cross resigned in February.
I think I was the only happy person when our president left.

Problem 5:
Federal investigators are looking into whether the school illegally received millions in student financial aid and used it to pay debts.
That's just cruel.

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