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:: Friday, January 03, 2003 ::

Taking Suggestions I want suggestions in either emails (biitchgirls -at- hotmail.com) or comments. Topic, you ask?
I want to start a fight on one of the campus chat boards. It has to be something creative that might even have serious responses. Bonus points awarded for creativity and if any responses to it might end up including the words "oppressive" or "dead white guys."
Things to keep in mind might include facts like I attend a women's college, this college has many prissy girls, and there are no serious classes in session over the next 3 weeks, so the annoying chicks are bored and waiting for something to froth over.

Winner gets a kiss from me. Yup, that's right a kiss. Don't ask, you won't find out what kind of Bitter-y goodness that involves unless you win. There are no rules, just whatever I feel like choosing. Other Bitches may be consulted in the event I act typically female and can't make up my mind.

Deadline: Monday Night, 9 PM EST.

UPDATE: Yes, multiple suggestions are allowed.

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