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:: Monday, January 06, 2003 ::

Up Too Early Don't ask why First and I are up this early. It's damn early for college students still on break. (Well, kinda still on break. We have most of the month off, but First, Preppy, Spooky and I are taking a few extra random classes for a couple of credits. Classy is in Spain, and you saw Baby is headed to Mississippi.) Anyway, while looking up more information on the evil blue books, First and I found a quote of the day. Maybe it's only funny because we're each running on very little sleep after driving for about 10.5 hours each through that damn snow storm, but we thought we would share.
Not all Blue Books are blue; other colors that are available are Buff, Canary, Cherry, Cream, Gold, Gray, Green, Ivory, Orchid, Pink, Salmon, and Tan.
As First put it, "What the hell am I doing, picking out a sweater?" And just for the record, even though we're women, we're not sure what the difference is between buff, cream, ivory, and tan.

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