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:: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 ::

The Bachelorette What a ho. Yeah, whatever, I'm jealous. Sure, sure. Because I want a big ass media organization pimping me out to the world after being publicly ditched on their previous pimping series. The host asked her if she could imagine being engaged and she said that she wanted a ring on her finger tonight. Awwww, how cute, they put her in a long white dress. I'm pretty cynical, and I was with Joe Millionaire, too. I thought Joe Millionaire was a little cooler because we might have the opportunity to see some greedy whores get pissed off. I also loved seeing Sara admit to performing oral sex on "Joe" on national television when she was clearly trying to hide that from the cameras and mics.

UPDATE: Don't read this if you live on the west coast. She picked Ryan. How cute, she's going on about how she's dreamed of this day since she was a little girl. Funny because she probably said something similar when she was on The Bachelor. He bought it and proposed.

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