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:: Monday, February 24, 2003 ::

Classtime Well Spent Instead of listening to a military history of the American Revolution, Lefty Bitch and I spent 20 minutes trying to name all 50 states without looking at anything. She got the first 40 before she showed me what she was up to. We got the next nine over the next couple of minutes that we actually started to pay a little bit of attention. We got stuck forever on number 50! We had no particular order of thinking them up, so we had to look very carefully at our list. I assumed that because Lefty is originally from Jersey that she would overlook a southern or western state. Try as I might, I thought of all of them. Then, after far too long on this project, I said New York. That's right, we left New York off of the list and didn't catch it for nearly 10 minutes. We are a sad, sad group.

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