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:: Friday, February 28, 2003 ::

Dems Lieberman's on C-SPAN right now at a fundraiser in New Hampshire. He really needs to learn a speaking style that works for him. Jokes about Joe Millionaire, not funny. The "poor me, I really won last time" lines aren't working from a man that didn't have the balls the run for only one office. I might have more sympathy for him if he didn't pull such underhanded tactics as running for both Senate and VP in 2000. (Funny that if Gore had one, he would have had a Republican replacement. He didn't care enough about his own damn state to give them what they wanted.) Anyway, he isn't even staying on topic between sentences. It was homeland security for one sentence that went without explanation, then abortion, then gay rights. Suddenly, he went back to homeland security spending. Because abortion and gay rights have everything to do with homeland security. Ohhh...Al Sharpton is on now. I think I'll go channel surfing again. He's just not as much fun.

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