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:: Monday, February 10, 2003 ::

Does The Legal System Really Work? One has to wonder in this case.
A British woman who hacked her boyfriend to death with an axe while he was naked, bound and gagged for a sex game, had her jail term reduced after a court ruled the original sentence was excessive.
Former escort girl Jan Charlton, 37, rained 20 axe blows on the head of millionaire lover Danny O'Brien while he knelt on the floor blindfolded with his hands manacled by handcuffs at his mansion in Midgley, West Yorkshire.
She was jailed for five years last May for manslaughter after being cleared of murder.
But on Friday this sentence was reduced to 3-1/2 years after London's Appeal Court was told O'Brien, 40, had carried the axe himself to the bedroom where he was killed, and had threatened to kill Charlton and murder her four-year-old daughter.
Okay, so there was a threat at one point in the evening. However, when a man is naked, bound, blindfolded, and gagged, he isn't a threat anymore. Between this and their reasonable gun control laws gun ban, I can't imagine much of a reason to ever move to Britain. I'll be going for the first time in May, so maybe something will happen in those four days that I'm there that might bring it a bit of redemption. I wouldn't put money on it, though.

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