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:: Saturday, February 15, 2003 ::

I Have A Complaint Gee, imagine that. Anyway, my complaint is about this crazy scene. I wonder just how much it cost those protesters to put together their crazy and wacky costumes. I wonder how much they spent on booze and weed before they went to protest. I wonder how much revenue they generate for the tobacco companies. Before you run away, I'm not on a holier-than-thou kick or anything. Just read the comments and posts of last night and you'll know that I'm not always an angel. However, we shouldn't kid ourselves and not think that these habits aren't expensive. I'm curious about how much the pre-printed signs that were so common in DC last month cost to print.

Where is all of this "how much do things cost" thing going? Well, if they truly believe in half of the causes they claim to, shouldn't they be spending more on those issues? Instead of holding up a sign at a rally saying "If your enemies are starving, feed them," go work at a local food pantry to help sort the canned goods and bring some in everytime you go. That sign isn't doing anything. That sign won't help feed them. In fact, by buying the paint for that sign that person contributed to *evil* corporations that just oppress their workers. Most liberals even complain that the government doesn't work effectively. So go out and help to solve the problems yourself people. In most cases, charities are far more effective at doing what they do. Go volunteer for one, give money to one. Whatever your pet cause of the moment is, there is a charity for it. If there isn't, start one. I can tell you right now that you'll make a much bigger difference in the world that way than by going to rallies on behalf of these "oppressed" people and then getting high with your buddies thinking that you just saved the world.

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