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:: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 ::

I Need Some Help So I thought I would be off boys for a while, I was wrong. Over the weekend in New York I met First's friend (also the guy we stayed with while we were down there). Now what do typical college students do on a Saturday night? That's right we went out drinking, surprise, surprise. So I thought First's friend was really cute, and he's a really great guy. I made my move and he responded. We ended up going to bed at around 7:30 Sunday morning, and First's friend and I didn't actually get to sleep until maybe 10:30 or 11:00. We didn't go very far, but he was talking the entire time we were making out. He kept on telling me that I should have lots of guys trying to get with me, and told me that I had to come down for their Spring Weekend, because there would be lots of hot guys and I would have my choice. To that I asked him what if I wanted to pick him. He said well you could do that. But what I really want to know is if he likes me or not, and if he got it that I like him. First assures me that he likes me otherwise he wouldn't have even kissed me, but I was sort of thrown by his mention of me having my pick, and how I should have men more or less chasing after me. So what should I think? He's coming up this weekend, and I don't want to push anything if he doesn't like me. As a friend of the family once said, "Men, can't live with them, can't shoot them."

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