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:: Wednesday, February 05, 2003 ::

I want to go to bed but i just can't seem to fall asleep. Don't you hate when that happens? I only had a few hours last night, and now I'm feeling kind of down in the dumps because I'm going to have to drop my civil liberties class (in order to maintain my sanity and a respectable GPA this semester)...so send me some cheer. Also, I find it interesting that hardly anyone has tried to convince me to become a conservative, although I particulaly loved this response: I love you ambitionless!!!! Damn it feels good to be among liberals...

"First Bee-otch:
Conservatives are stuffy men with red ties. Or stuffy women in red dresses. Or tooth-deficient rednecks NAMED "Red."

As a conservative, red is a color you should get used to. The color of blood spilled in haste. The color of Rush Limbaugh's face when he gets
screamin'- mad. The color of our surplus (er . . . that'd be a huge negative number, as in a history-setting deficit).

Red is stop. Red is "don't go there."

Surely, you don't want to join the party for repealing/weakening environmental standards, taking money from the working class and handing it
(gift-wrapped) to millionaires, failing to enact sufficient Medicare reform, and championing a fucking retard son of a one-term president to lead the most powerful country in the world.

Do you? Really?"

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