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:: Tuesday, February 11, 2003 ::

Idiots... Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by them. Last night in my class on International Organization the topic of Israel came up. We were discussing the UN charter and how Article 51 can be used, and has been used by various countries. Well, my professor brought up the example of Israel's strike on the Iraqi nuclear facility. He said that Israel used Article 51 to defend their actions, saying it was a matter of self-defense. Now this one girl a friend of mine and I started calling "Miss Know-it-all", piped up and said she didn't think it was justifiable under Article 51. Her reasoning was that Iraq has just as much a right to have a nuclear weapon or two to protect themselves, because the Israelis already have nuclear weapons. Another student made the point that one of the major reasons why Israel has nuclear weapons is as a deterrent for military action against the country. "Miss Know-it-all" (unfortunately this was not Swiss Bitch... damn wouldn't it have been funny if it had been) stuck to her argument that it wasn't fair for Israel to have these weapons and Iraq not to have them. At this point I couldn't take it anymore. I stated that given the anti-Israeli sentiment in the region that it is only plausible that Israel would not want one of their neighbors to have nuclear capability and that a strike against such a facility could be seen as self-defense (pre-emptive yes, but self-defense all the same), and I agreed with the other student that the Israeli stockpile acts as a deterrent. The girl still didn't get it. I'm sure that she also believes that Saddam is a benevolent dictator, and that the immenent war is just imperialistic aggression. Someone get me out of here!!!!

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