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:: Thursday, February 06, 2003 ::

Just a few more things...I found a few of these to points to be worth contemplation and notice while reading a lovely book this evening... the debate over privilage has once again flaired up in response to charges that the admissions policites of the University of Michigan are unconstitutional and fundamentally flawed (especially when taking into account the outcome of Brown v. Board of Education). What do you think? Does privilage exist? Is recognizing this fact good enough or does something more need to be done? What can be done?...Before you make your decision, here are a few point to ponder...

Whites are less likely than blacks to be arrested; once arrested, they are less likely to be convicted and, once convicted, less likely to go to prison, regardless of the crime or circumstances. Whites, for example, constitute 90% of those who use illegal drugs, but less than half of those in prison on drug-use charges are white.

White/Male representation in government and the ruling circles of corporations, universities, and other organizations is disproportionately high.

Most whites are not segregated into communities that isolate them from the best job opportunities, schools, and community services.

Whites/Men can succeed without other people's being surprised.

Whites have greater access to higher quality education

Men can generally assume that when they go out in public, they won't be sexually harassed or assaulted, and if they are victimized, they won't be asked to explain what they were doing there.

Belonging to a parivileged category improves the odds in favor of certain kinds of advantages and preferential treatment.

Most of us here believe that a woman's college is justified in not allowing men to attend...Men are denied admission based on their sex. Yet this is legal. Most women believe (including myself) that a single sex education that recieves federal funding is justified in remaining single sex due to the vast disadvantage women face every day in the work place, society in general, etc. Going to a women's college gives us an edge later on in life (there is a reason why the majority of women holding leadership positions in the government went to all women's colleges). Don't members of the African American population also experience similar bouts of oppression? How do we level the "playing field" so to speak? How would it be any different to allow race as a determining factor in admissions to a university? Its easy to increase tolerance of certain groups, but it's much harder to do something about power and the unequal distribution of resources and rewards. When you decide to get all up in arms and offended at this horrible statement I've made, please don't pick apart and formulate responses to the inconsequential details...it will fall upon deaf ears. I know there are several conservative viewers, so i'm expecting to hear a lot of shit for this....

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