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:: Sunday, February 16, 2003 ::

Lisa Simpson, Future Seven Sisters Alum? If she throws the spelling bee, Lisa gets a full scholarship to the Seven Sisters college of her choice. Too bad there are only 5 of the 7 left. I just thought I would do a shoutout for women's colleges.

Holy shit, I love the Seven Sisters skit. Come to Barnard and be Columbia's sister school. Go to Radcliffe and see Harvard men. Go to Wellsley and marry them. Come party with us! (Mt. Holyoke) Come play lacrosse with us. (Smith) Come explore with us. (Bryn Mawr while making out with the Smithie) I didn't catch Vassar because I was laughing so damn hard. But she had hairy armpits. UPDATE: I've heard that Vassar said that Lisa should come non-conform with her.

If anyone got this on tape tonight, I will do almost anything for it. UPDATE: It looks like most women on the campus (and probably all of the seven sisters colleges are like this right now) are willing to pay any price for a copy of it.

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