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:: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 ::

More Sex Ed I guess it's just on everyone's mind lately.
School officials fired a high school teacher who gave ninth-graders a demonstration on condoms -- using props including mood lighting, music and a banana.
Mood lighting and music are absolute musts when it comes to teaching safe sex! Because all ninth graders that have sex have the romantic candlelight and the seductive music going in the background. Hell, why not bring out the silk sheets?
...[he] also had two of his students pretend to be sex therapists to answer other students' questions...
Now that is highly unprofessional. What the hell are clueless high school freshmen supposed to tell other clueless highschool freshmen? If these students can handle teaching the lesson then why not fire him and keep them on as teachers?
But he has maintained he never got proper sex education training -- and was never told condoms weren't allowed in classrooms.
I think the first part is pretty damn obvious. The other part I can't really comment on, but perhaps he should have consulted someone a little higher up than himself before taking on a sex lesson that he knew nothing about, especially during his probationary period.
Nicholas has also said his intent was to simulate situations his students might face...
See above. If this guy is really that out of touch with the lives of students, I don't think I want him teaching.

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