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:: Friday, February 07, 2003 ::

My Thoughts Obviously there has been quite a bit going on here on the blog, not to mention in general conversation here. Well, seeing as I'm trying to get many things in order and make my senior year next year a little bit easier, and figuring out what the hell I want to do with my life, I haven't gotten my thoughts on these many things that have been going on. So here goes.

First off, in response to First's commentary on Secretary Powell's presentation to the Security Counsel. I'm glad to see that she is finally starting to see where there is a need to take Saddam out of power, however I find it a bit naive to think that it can be accomplished without military action.
I also think it is the best interest of the United States to find an alternaive way to remove saddam from power, in order to prevent the unification of the Musilim world against the United States and other Western powers for generations to come.
I have myself commented on the possibility of exile for the bastard, but I pointed out the only way that will work is if it is with his cooperation. On top of that it would also work better if there were a vocal opposition to his rule within his own country, which is not plausible given the brutal dictatorship these people live in. As to the Muslim world uniting against us, that's a far stretch. Saddam is a Baathist. This is a very secular political party. He only uses the religion of Islam to try to give himself credibility in declaring that the "American aggression" against Iraq is an attack on Islam, therefore trying to unite Muslims against America.

Second, white priviledge. I don't believe it exisits. If white priviledge did then I wouldn't have to work to make my life better. I believe that every person that has been disadvantaged can pull himself up and make a better life for himself with hard work, perseverance, and the will to do so. Giving people handouts because of their race, gender, or socio-economic status is dangerous because it perpetuates the cycle and fortifies the mentality that it is owed to them for some past injustice to their ancestors. The only true way to overcome these obstacles is to earn what you have by merit and merit alone. I would never want someone to give me a hand up merely because of the fact that I am (1) a woman and (2) from a lower socio-economic class. I find it insulting and degrading to think that someone would think I would not be able to acheive my goals without that help.

Third, respect for our men and women in uniform. You can disagree with what the government does, but don't you dare tear down those men and women serving in our military. I lose respect for those that say things like this girl, who made these comments to Baby. My comment to that post pretty much sums up my feelings on the issue.

Fourth, the invetiable conflict with Iraq. I already touched on my feelings earlier. It is necessary to remove Saddam by any means. He poses a threat to the stability of the region and he has no qualms about terrorizing his own people. The man has already invaded two of his neighbors, what's to stop him from doing it again? What's to stop him from selling the weapons of mass destruction that we know he has to the highest bidder? Yes, the war will be bloody. Civilians will almost certainly die. War isn't pretty; it isn't supposed to be. I think it is a vile, disgusting action, and should be avoided at all costs. I think General Grant put it best when he said "War is hell, and to end it you have to make it as hellish as possible." And we shouldn't stop with just Saddam. After that we need to help the people of Iran and North Korea. There is a movement in Iran for the outsing of the Ayatollah, and the theocracy that he controls. These people want democracy, and as being the epitome of democracy, the United States has a duty to support these people in their struggle. If we don't we will be hypocrites in our commitment to the ideal of democracy. The people of North Korea are much the same. Look at their reaction to President Bush's inclusion of North Korea in the "Axis of Evil". However, there is not so strong a need to deal with North Korea at the moment, because there are other nations just as worried about the development of nuclear weapons there, and these nations are closer and don't have their hands full at the moment.

This is what I had to get off my chest right now. At the moment I need to track down the UN charter and League of Nations covenant so I can do some reading for a class.

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