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:: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 ::

Now Here Is A Fiscal Conservative For Ya I don't know anything about his policies, but his lifestyle definitely implies that his policies could be on the right track.
The South Carolina Governor's Mansion may have to close because of a $150,000 shortfall in operating funds.
Republican Gov. Mark Sanford said he must either close the mansion until June 30 or raise private money to cover operating costs such as salaries for 11 employees, utility bills and food.
If the mansion is closed, Sanford's family would continue to live in the private quarters but they wouldn't have a staff and would cook their own meals.
Sanford accuses his predecessor, Democrat Jim Hodges, of overspending the mansion's budget. "There was a disregard for costs and disregard for who would be picking up the pieces after the administration left," he said.
Hodges transferred $100,000 from administrative and program funds to the mansion two days before he left office to cover the cost overruns. But Sanford said that money was intended to help children and veterans, and he won't use it for the mansion.
What? Using government money to fund what it is allocated for, rather than on yourself? Who does this guy think he is?
Sanford is well-known for his frugal ways. During his six years representing South Carolina in Congress, he rejected his Washington housing allowance and slept on a futon in his Capitol office.
I have to admit, that is pretty darn cool.

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