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:: Sunday, February 16, 2003 ::

One Is the Loneliest Number And one is the number of supporters that turned out for Carol Moseley-Braun's speech in Iowa.
Hanson was the only soul - besides a dozen members of the local news media and half as many event coordinators - to brave a foot of fresh snow to hear the former U.S. senator from Illinois speak in Des Moines on Saturday afternoon.
Hanson's lack of company in the Hotel Fort Des Moines ballroom was offset by his enthusiasm for Moseley-Braun, a friend from law school at the University of Chicago. The Des Moines lawyer pledged to support her candidacy for Iowa's 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, and even offered his guest room for her return visits.
Good sign, really it is. What can I say other than, "You go, girl!"

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