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:: Monday, February 24, 2003 ::

The Organ Transplant Kid I've tried to avoid this story because I don't want to come across as a totally heartless bitch. There has been some discussion in the blogosphere about it already. Those guys caught the same fact that I did in many of the stories. Her family refused to donate her organs after all they had just gone through.

I understand that her body was so full of drugs and many of her vital organs were damaged by the time spent on life support. However, her corneas were found to be worth donating. Now I would hope that if Bitchy Mom were ever in a similar situation with me that she would donate every organ that could be used. This would mean that as soon as they found my corneas were useful, they'd take them. I would sure as hell expect it if she had illegally smuggled me into another country and taken money from a charity to pay for the surgery.

The worst part of this ordeal isn't that they broke the law to come here and had the surgery on someone else's dime. Is is that on the very website that her family has set up, they say one reason they refused to donate her organs was because of legal advice. As I said in one comment that I left on another blog, when I lose a loved one, my grief doesn't include legal counsel. (Dealing with my evil bitch sister, on the other hand, requires a whole f*cking law firm.) If this woman does choose to sue the she better donate every damn dime to a charity that handles these types of cases. Of course I have to wonder why it would be so easy to get over the border nowadays. I would hope that laws aren't being bent for this situation. After all, isn't national security the most important issue right now? Why make exceptions? We wouldn't want the U.S. to look like it discriminates or anything...

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