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:: Monday, February 03, 2003 ::

Professor Quotes These are what I've really been taking notes on in the two days of classes that I've had. (Thank goodness for the M-W schedule. Not a single class after 4 PM on Wednesday. Of course it also means I have to be up for an 8:30 AM class on Mondays and Wednesdays.)

"Zen means loving everyone equally. It's against my religion to give grades. I want to give everyone A's." - Zen & Japanese Culture
No complaints here! I have to admit that I am going to be amused if my highest three grades are in Computer Science, Legal Studies, and Zen & Japanese Culture. I think I'm going to create a final Zen project that involves shooting. Hopefully I won't jepordize my A by doing it.

"You know why they are relevant?" - Professor "Because they lived?" - Student in a history course
"In academics the truth isn't always important. What's important is to not be out-lefted." - Great Debates in American History
You can imagine how shocked I was to hear the last quote! There were several other statements made that need a little bit of background. These are for the same class.
Story 1 - The professor turned to the leader of POW (People Opposing War) to ask exactly what she thinks must be done to avoid an invasion of Iraq. She admitted that she didn't actually have any policy proposals, and that she only disagrees with the war effort. Bravo to you bitch.
Story 2 - Following up story 1, the professor noted that there are three types of anti-war activists. One group is comprised of those that oppose all wars and military actions on moral or religious grounds. The second group is comprised of "anti-American leftists." I kid you not! This is exactly how he described them! Anyway, some people got pissed off because they knew he was talking about them. He said they always oppose any kind of intervention or war simply because it's opposing the U.S. government, not that they actually oppose war. The third group is made up of those that feel this move against Iraq is misguided, but they are not fundamentally opposed to most military action.
Story 3 - There is one guy in the class from another college. The prof turned to him and asked him a series of questions trying to prove a point about assumptions made about the word puritan. Anyway, he asked what the guy would assume if a woman at this school approached him at a party and asked him if he was a puritan. He was trying to be polite and said that he would assume that she was asking if he participated in "liberal activities." The prof made fun of him for being pc in a room full of chicks. We quickly established through class discussion that this girl would really be asking if he would "accompany her on a path to drunken oblivion" and have sex. Does that make me a liberal?

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