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:: Monday, February 03, 2003 ::

Sex & The Single College Girls This post doesn't really have much to do with the title. I just want to draw in even more hits for drunken college girl sex and other high-class hits. So now I begin the rant.

I vaguely mentioned one panelist at CPAC that focused on abstinence education. One phrase the woman used a few times that kinda creeped me out was "beautiful and tender reproductive tracts." She was a big fan of calling our culture "toxic to adolescents." I'm a fan of sex education that includes abstinence education, but I'm certainly not a fan of exclusively abstinence education.

Sex is complicated these days. As I mentioned earlier, most of the students clapping for the doctor had just returned from an evening of drunken hookups. I'm not preaching against such behavior, but I can certainly appreciate the humor in the situation. I do think that the lack of abstinence education is a problem. The doctor was right that our focus almost exclusively on condoms is a problem. Condoms aren't perfect. I don't know if her numbers are accurate, but her argument was that there were only two sexually transmitted diseases in 1960. After decades of condom promotion, we now have more than thirty STDs. I'm not even going to make the connection that condom use has caused this trend. I would ask why such an increase has occurred if "safe" sex education is so successful. Obviously some people don't practice safe sex, and they probably won't respond to abstinence education either. Again, I won't ignore their actions in this complex equation.

Anyway, back to a sort of point, the speaker considers the U.S. to be "the most promiscuous nation on the face of the earth." While she probably has religious reasons for wanting to put a stop to premarital sex, with her focus on medicine for adolescents, I can see some of her perspective. We've heard over the last couple of years that risky sexual behavior is on the rise because the definition of sexual behavior has become so narrow. People think they can get off with no consequences. (pun intended) Would it be so terrible to teach kids that sex has consequences, even if it is "safe" sex? Let's bring back some sense of personal responsibility. I know that I'm ready to accept the consequences even if the pill and a condom don't work. Women can't afford to pretend like there won't be risks to having sex. (I focus on women because it's amazing how many women often rely solely upon guys for protection.)

Sorry for the rambling. I actually wrote this during my Zen class. Being political is like meditation for me. Think the professor will buy it?

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