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:: Saturday, February 15, 2003 ::

Speaking of Peace Demonstrations Apparently the people of Iraq decided to organize themselves and march in support of their beloved president. Whatever. It appears that top officials in the Iraqi Baath party closely supervised the activities of the day, along with some sharpshooters mind you. And hey, the human shields are there and ready!
Dozens of foreigners also staged a brief vigil for peace on a central Baghdad bridge over the Tigris River. Many waved rainbow flags, and some wore traditional Arab headdresses. Others wore black T-shirts reading "War is not the answer," while one French activist wore a Superman T-shirt.
Kenneth Webb, a 32-year-old graphic designer from San Francisco, said he intends to remain in Iraq if war breaks out "so it won't be just the body parts of the Iraqi people but of everyone — and that could make a difference."
"I should hope it matters," said Lisa Ndejura, 32, a student at the University of Quebec in Montreal. "If it doesn't, then the world is in much worse condition than I thought."
Of course this all happens after Saddam issues a decree banning the production and importation of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. That's all fine and good, but considering that it is a supposed democracy with a parliment and president, who if everyone remembers got 100% of the vote with 100% participation, how the hell can the man issue a decree? But seeing as it's a dictatorship he can do whatever the hell he wants and we all know this is just for show.

UPDATE: Bitter has some photos from the pro-Saddam rallies. You can find them here, here and here.

I found this one and this one interesting. I can only imagine the benefits of having military personel marching in the protests along with the normal Iraqis.

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