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:: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 ::

Such Young, Innocent, And Easy Targets I debated about whether or not to do this because there's a part of me that feels bad that these kids will have to live with their naiveté all over the internet for the rest of their lives. Their grandkids will be able to read this article and think, "What the hell was he/she thinking?" Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to the foreign policy experts of tomorrow.

Meet Miriam Yavener, a 15 year old with such brilliant observations as,
"A lot of us have friends who are 18," said Miriam Yavener, 15. "If the draft gets reinstated, life could change a lot."
Beautifully stated Miriam! Because life won't change at all when those who are already serving put their lives on the line. Because life won't change for the Iraqi citizens that die everyday at the hands of their leader. Because life won't change if Iraq manages to get weapons of mass destruction over here to the U.S. Just for kicks, who is this bold, intelligent future leader?

Meet Amy Fries, another 15 year old with an important message on what she thinks the problem is. I hope Dubya is reading because he won't want to miss out on this one.
"Their government has almost brainwashed them. They think the U.S. is horrible and does all these evil things," said Amy Fries, 15. "I think the Iraqi people really don't know what to think by now. They're just confused."
And you point is? I'll hope that the reporter just left off whatever else she might have added to the discussion. You have to understand why I couldn't leave her out. Take a look at her fashion confusion. (I realize this isn't in line with the rest of the post, but what the hell is up with the gloves??)

Now for our final future policy maker, I want you all to say hello to Ross Godwin, a 16 year old expert on Iraq.
But Ross Godwin, 16, remembered the message from "Three Kings" -- the George Clooney movie set during the 1991 Gulf War.
Kill me before this kid gets into power, please?

This is what we pay for with our tax money. The kids cite fiction and Hollywood as their sources and the teachers say this is real debate on the issues. But you have to love the examples they use for debate in schools for the article.
In the San Francisco Bay area, school boards in at least three districts passed resolutions encouraging school debate about the causes and consequences of war.
Oakland, one of those districts, altered the anti-war tone of its message after some leaders pushed for neutrality. Intended for middle and high school students, the effort was broadened to include younger students, said Dan Siegel, an Oakland School Board member.
Some leaders thought that brainwashing our own kids could be a bad thing. How nice. My faith in humanity has been restored...

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