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:: Saturday, February 22, 2003 ::

This Is Not Allowed!
Worried about the weather, pilot Richard Conry almost decided to cancel the October 25 flight that killed Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone and seven others, according to documents released Friday by the National Transportation Safety Board.
"OK, ah, you know what, I don't think I'm going to take the flight," Conry told a preflight controller from Princeton Flight Service after receiving the morning's weather report forecasting light snow and mist, freezing temperatures and low ground visibility for northeastern Minnesota.
That conversation was the first of several Conry would have with controllers on the icy conditions, which investigators have said may have played a role in the crash, less than two weeks before last year's November elections.
But that counters the theories that Bush secretly shot him down!
The NTSB report, several hundred pages in length, does not provide a final determination of what caused the crash that killed Wellstone, Conry, Wellstone's wife, adult daughter, three campaign workers and co-pilot Michael Guess. Those conclusions are not expected for at least several more months.
Wait, there's still room for some crazy ideas.

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