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:: Monday, February 24, 2003 ::

Thoughts From Class Until I rescue my posts from my laptop, these random thoughts will have to do.
First, if I ever feel like I have a "calling" to be a registrar, I want you readers to shoot me. (Don't ask me where this came from, it's a long story.)
Second, is it a bad thing if I have a target list of classmates for half of my classes?
Third, here is a list of what I learned in class today: Enron is bad. "American capitalism" is bad. CEOs are bad. Republicans are bad. Democrats are bad. No solutions were offered to any of the problems presented. Why am I not shocked?
Fourth, our school recently raised the prices on cokes. Water is still the same price. Are they trying to push us towards healthier lifestyles? Are they trying to offset budget problems (partly because we invested in Enron) by taking advantage of needed caffiene dosages of the students to get through the semester? More importantly, will this move to bottled water be bad for world peace? I ask the last question as a joke about an annoying professor here. She's a raving socialist looney that is convinced that Coke is trying to buy Greenland for bottled water. She also beats her cane a lot and says that any woman that doesn't agree with her brand of feminism is trying to pretend like they have a penis.

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