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:: Monday, February 17, 2003 ::

Tonight's Reading Material This evening as I was laying in bed watching one of the funniest Simpsons episodes ever, someone decided to shove some papers under my door. (By the way, I officially have a new favorite episode. The Lord of the Flies episode [or "Go Banana!" as I like to call it] stood for a long time in the position.) Normally such papers are surveys for the college or some other junk. Tonight was different. Tonight a fellow dormmate decided to share her enlightened views with us all. I don't know how many trees she killed while doing it, but it makes for fun blogging material.

First, look at the pretty picture (thank you, Preppy) she included for us. I'm moved. I really am.

Second, let's take a quick overview of the content. We have the top ten reasons not to invade Iraq, the cost of invading Iraq, who is designing the war, and why the U.S. is waging war against Iraq with a nice little "Free Palestine" bit pasted over it.

Okay, so what are the top ten reasons?

1) There is no justification for going to war.
Nope, none at all. We just wanna go kill Iraqi babies.

2) Iraq does not pose a clear and present danger.
Of course not! Saddam doesn't have a history of invading other countries and trying to kill as many people as possible. He doesn't hate us. He just wants to spread the love, but the *evil* Bush administration wants to kill the babies.

3) When it comes to invading Iraq, the U.S. has zero allies.
As someone I was chatting with earlier put it, "Wow. A lot of countries will be sad to hear they don't rate."

4) An attack on Iraq would make us less safe.
As opposed to letting him sneak a small nuke or various chemical weapons over to New York? Okay.

5) An invasion of Iraq would violate international law.
As crazy American cowboys, we don't give a damn about international law.

6) Invading Iraq would be difficult, costly and without a clear victory.
Because cleaning up after an attack by him will be easy and cheap.

7) A war would kill thousands of people.
War does that. It sucks, that's why no one really wants it. Some of us just understand that Saddam is leaving us little room to for any other potential options. He's doing it to himself because he wants to go down making a scene.

8) We should not wage a war for oil.
Well how about to avoid a greater loss of life than what has already occured and those that will occur if we don't stop the f*cking madman.

9) Other options besides war are available.
Like inspections? You mean those inspections that haven't had much cooperation from the Iraqis and have already turned up how many illegal warheads?

10) Opposition for the war is growing.
Then why did the same people that went to DC go to New York? It's the same damn people. They even recycle the same damn signs.

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