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:: Friday, February 28, 2003 ::

Too Tired To Think Of A Title All I can say is that it sucks to be them.
Cornell University mistakenly sent out an e-mail message welcoming hundreds of students it had previously rejected.
The mistake happened Wednesday when a clerical staff member miscoded a message meant only for students who had applied early and been accepted.
As a result of the error, the e-mail was sent to 1,700 students, including nearly 550 high school seniors that the Ivy League school in upstate Ithaca had rejected in December.
"Greetings from Cornell, your future alma mater!" the message said. "Congratulations on your acceptance into the class of 2007!"
I'm glad I didn't apply to Cornell and sit on pins and needles waiting to see if I got in. In fact, the reason I was too scared to apply to Cornell wasn't because I didn't think I could get in. I knew it would be a reach school for me, but not impossible at all. What frightened me was that their viewbook had a quote from some guy talking about his roommate from Oklahoma wasn't anything like what he expected. Apparently he had expected some cowboy hick that didn't even know about indoor plumbing. Okay, so it wasn't that extreme, but it certainly was stereotypical about Oklahomans and the idea of rural hicks with four teeth. Anyway, I kinda feel sorry for those kids that got the email. I'm sure it wouldn't be easy to be told that you didn't get into what was probably your reach school and them to receive an email welcoming you to the school.

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