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:: Friday, February 21, 2003 ::

The Top 20 Things I do to perpetuate the patriarchy
1. Call my friends “bitches”
2. Date men (well, I did)
3. Use tampons
4. Wear lacy black thongs (I don’t care what y’all say, nothing wedged up your ass is ever comfortable)
5. Vote in the presidential elections
6. Shave my legs
7. Wear make up/ heels/ tight clothing
8. Wear a bra- my boobs are not as large as Bitter’s luscious tits
9. Using words such as “boobs” and “tits” to describe a part of my anatomy
10. Calling my ex a “pussy” as if to insinuate he was weak
11. Listening to hip hop ( any song by Ludicris or Jay Z, take your pick) and blasting it from my grand Cherokee
12. Waiting for a guy to approach me who I am attracted to
13. Silently resisting the urge to yell back at men who whistle as I walk past on the street in front of them
14. Drinking beverages with a straw, licking an ice cream cone in public, sucking on a sucker, etc.
15. Buying products marketed toward women in degrading ways (see crest’s new “rejuvenating effects” toothpaste that I purchased today)
16. Crying to get out of a speeding ticket because I know it will work
17. Unbuttoning my blouse or wearing a shorter skirt to a job interview
18. Relying on men to support my sushi habit
19. While at a bar, folding my arms below my boobs in order to enhance my cleavage and give the impression that my rack is full like Bitter’s in order to obtain
free drinks from an unsuspecting bartender
20. Faking orgasms ;) – I bet you all think you’re so good, god’s gift to women, haha, little do you know…

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