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:: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 ::

What A Jerk The story isn't about a jerk, it just has a quote from a jerk.
Beauty, theological and distance-learning schools will be among the educational institutions that will soon share online real estate with the likes of Princeton and Harvard.
The Commerce Department approved the expansion of the ".edu" domain name on Tuesday to allow usage by schools such as the Connecticut Institute of Hair Design and the American Film Institute.
Critics complain the expansion will cheapen the Internet neighborhood for its present occupants -- generally four-year institutions and community colleges.
"Somebody who goes six months to a beauty school, I would not consider in the same league as somebody who's even been two years at a community college," said Ralph Meyer, a retired administrator at Princeton University. "There's too much dumbing down already."
How stuck up does this man have to be? It's a damn web domain, it's not the end of the world. I'm not really sure how can web domains be "dumb[ed] down." It's not going to hurt Princeton if Joe's Beauty School can now have a website that ends in .edu. Harvard won't suffer major financial setbacks if Bob's Bible College now has a website. Poor Yale, now they might somehow lose potential students if Connecticut Institute of Hair Design gets a .edu domain.

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