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:: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 ::

Yea For Classes Well, sorta. I mean it is why I'm paying an unGodly amount of money to be here, but honestly sometimes I would rather go hit my head against a wall rather than sit through some of this crap. Well anyways, I have now been to all of my classes. I got into the politics class that I wanted to, and it looks to prove interesting. It's the first time that it has been taught here at "elitist college in rural New England", so I don't think anyone knows what to expect. The professor is hilarious, a bit camp, and obviously extremely intelligent. He's actually a visiting professor from "elitist university in urban New England". It seems to be starting a little slow, and there is what would seem to be unrelated reading. The only way I can see that it would be related is possibly through the Palestinians, but we'll see where he takes it. Just some of his remarks were hilarious. The funniest that I would love to share may possibly reveal our location, so no dice. But this semester looks promising. My class last night was also an interesting one. The professor was asking us what we thought about refreshments for the class, as it's a three hour seminar from 7-10pm. He suggested whiskey to the class, and related stories of the good old days when he served Michelob to his seminars, and his days at Oxford where they sipped sherry during class. Ahhh.... don't you love professors like that?

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