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:: Saturday, February 15, 2003 ::

Yeah, For Peace And Shit

The photos are from the Athens protest that turned violent.

Links only:
Because she can read what the shirt says.
Just like this one made the sign herself...
Good call kid.
Stop using your damn kids for your cause. I even hate it when people on my side of the issue use their kids. The only exception I have seen is when it's a gun rights thing and the kids actually know how to shoot already. Granted, they usually aren't only 3 or 4 years old.
This one just doesn't even make sense. It's not witty sweetie. (I have a feeling I'll be saying that quite often today.)
The sign in the bottom right corner just scares me.
First Hitler reference I've seen in these pictures!
So far they aren't doing anything for me. Really people, I love a good protest. If you really do have something witty to say that makes people think then I give you full credit. I won't make fun of you. I only make fun of your silly peers. I would have ventured down to New York today, but I don't have a digital camera, so it would have taken a while to get the pics developed and I really didn't want to risk getting arrested in case my peers were doing something stupid.
This one deserves a caption contest.
Is it pride parade time?
Guess so...
At least it doesn't say oil. Half a creativity point for that one.
Hey look, it's the Scream guy! I thought he liked to kill people.
Another nazi reference. Cute.
It's a mime!

My bias. Because I would assume that the peace sign this particular woman is showing means something else to her personally.
I wonder about the influence of those guns in the picture on people's desire to show up for such a rally.
Is it bad when you see more guns than people?

Some people need the freedom to read those books you want first sweetie.
If these become all the rage, I will more fully appreciate my history of going against the trends.
Taking a cue from a few Palestinians? (Referring to this.)
Grassroots? I link, you decide.
Yup, so very grassroots.
Oh look, there are the drums...
Translation = Sleep with me.
These pink ladies aren't as cool as Rizzo and Frenchie.

Well, it's different.
One creativity point, but a deduction of one point for the fact that it's pre-printed and not handmade.
All creativity points for the day, right here.
The latest boy band?
At least he's to the point, even if he gets negative creativity points.
Kinda creepy.

The state of this protest movement summed up in one picture.

Some very telling photos from New York can be found here (commentary here) at Asparagirl's site.

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