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:: Monday, March 03, 2003 ::

Damn Harsh news for a state full of people who can't breathe without the state stepping in to regulate.
Romney's 2004 state budget, announced Wednesday, includes a business-focused model for state colleges: a decentralized system dedicated to economic growth, which also trims $150 million from the state budget. It is already roiling the education and political establishments; officials at nearly every college see themselves as losing out and the plan amounts to a direct assault on a carefully built network of schools and their guardians in the Legislature.
The plan's author is a no-new-taxes Republican, yet his proposal raises most tuitions by 15 percent, which some students say is a backhanded tax increase. It asks outside business people to help craft curricula, even though faculties still hold that power exclusively. Though Romney said the University of Massachusetts at Amherst will not be privatized, Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey says it will, some day.
I would normally say "yay" to cutting taxes and making government smaller, but I don't think Massachusetts can handle it. The people won't support, and things will fail because of that fact. You have to have support for these kinds of drastic reductions to work. Massachusetts probably hates Romney since he's a Republican. All in all, this won't be a pretty fight.

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