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:: Saturday, March 29, 2003 ::

Great Morning I had such a great morning. It started with waking at 8:00 AM (on a Saturday mind you). I sort of got myself together and headed off for breakfast. At 10:30, I met up with some more like minded students and we all went to a pro-troop rally not too far away from our school. It was the best feeling having all these people honking and all of the flags that were there. It made me actually have faith in the future of this state. There are really normal people out here. It was just a great feeling to be there with all of these people who are supporting our men and women in uniform. Well I better get on with the drudgery part of my day. I get to prepare for a presentation on the legality of military intervention in Iraq. Great stuff, right? At least I'm formulating the arguement for the Colation.

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